At WA Global Solutions, we empower business leaders and organizations to be more effective, innovative and transformative.  We do this by offering virtual CIO, agile transformation, and strategic leadership coaching services with forward-thinking methodologies. We focus on implementing change and delivering sophisticated solutions. We offer a unique blend of strategic planning and digital services.



Our projects cater to a wide range of clientele. From multi-million dollar government contracts, international private companies, global brands, to up and coming startups. We continue to break the mold in project planning and company transformation. We've been recognized as a leading solutions and project management organization with various branches of expertise.  


Our clients are our highest priority. We tailor to a company that has a traditional corporate structure with over 1000 employees, to a startup with less than 20 employees. We aim to place our clients at the precipice of their field. With the tools and strategy necessary to not only get results, accomplish their bottom line goals, but also become innovative and reduce overhead and increase revenue.    



WA Global Solutions is comprised of a dynamic team of innovators, disruptive tech leaders, high-level business strategists, and creative groundbreakers. Our team consists of seasoned and award-winning professionals from the fields of government contracting, corporate executives, tech entrepreneurs, marketing and branding strategists, and multi-media executives.


Some of our leaders and clients have been recognized and awarded for agile transformation in Fortune 500 companies, boutique and large sector organizations, national branding and marketing initiatives, and well various other solutions. 


Here at WA Global Solutions, we do not compromise integrity, we are relentless about time and money-saving process, and in all areas we pursue excellence. 



WA Global Solutions - Florida Office

1910 Navarre School Road

Suite 5603

Navarre, Florida 32566

Tel: 301-867-3102

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